when to sterilize baby bottles before birth

When Should I Sterilize Baby Bottles Before Birth

You haven’t sterilized the bottles of your baby yet??? Hold on! Don’t freak out; there’s still time. Or maybe you’re too late – maybe you should’ve done it earlier.

In case these thoughts are roaming inside your head right now, I just want you to calm down and stop asking medical-related questions to everyone. If I were you, I would’ve asked an expert about when I should sterilize baby bottles before birth, rather than asking someone at random.

Why? Well, people usually have the wrong idea about it. As I did my research and took my advice from experts earlier, I thought I should let everyone know all the nooks and crannies about it.

So here’s everything you need to know.

Do You Have to Sterilize Baby Bottles? – Just in Case You Didn’t Know

Newborns are prone to get sick easily as their immune system is somewhat immature. So, their system cannot fight off the virus, bacteria, and pathogens as an adult’s system do.

And washing the baby bottles with water removes the dirt, milk, or the formula only. Of course, you clean the bottles several times a day, but they still need to be sterilized from time to time to deter infectious pathogens from attacking your baby.

Also, remember, milk is the perfect medium for some pathogens and bacteria to grow. So, by skipping sterilization, you are sure to risk your baby’s health and wellbeing.

Even if you breastfeed your infant, it’s important that you sterilize the pump and other feeding equipment properly.

But, what is sterilization? Well, it’s a process that eliminates all kinds of micro-organism, bacteria, and even transmissible agents. You can do so by boiling, using bleach, or by steam sterilization.

When Should I Sterilize Baby Bottles before Birth?

Once you realize that sterilization is necessary, now comes the question, when should you do it? Is it something you need to do before the baby is born?

Well, it’s not obligatory to have the baby bottles pathogen-free before the baby’s arrival. You can certainly do it after. But you can’t imagine how much pre-occupied you can be after you take the baby home.

Indeed a baby brings lots of challenges. You have to have everything ready beforehand, the diapers, clothing, car seat, and bottles. And you might think the new bottles don’t need sterilizing; instead, you can just wash them with water.

But you cannot skip the process thinking the bottles are brand new in any way because you don’t know how they have been manufactured or where they have been before you bring them home.

So, when you buy the new bottles for your upcoming baby, it’s recommended that you sterilize them immediately. However, there is no exact time as to when you should do that before the baby’s birth.

Ideally, after 35-36 weeks, you should start making all the preparations from the hospital bags and car seat to bottle sterilization. But, of course, you can adjust the time depending on your expecting date.

However, sterilizing early, like before 30 weeks, is not ideal either. Because if you don’t store the equipment properly in a germ-free environment, there is no use in doing it.

How to Sterilize Baby Bottles?

There are few recognized methods by which you can sterilize baby bottles. We will be discussing that briefly below.


It’s the most common and easiest method. You just need to place all the equipment in a container, fill it with the required amount of water, and heat it to the boiling point. In about 10 minutes, all the feeding components will be thoroughly sterilized.

However, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to sterilize plastic bottles.

Chemical Sterilization

This method requires you to have the ideal chemical agent, bleach, or other ideal liquid sterilizing formula.

Put all the components in a large enough container, prepare the solution using the required amount of water. Make sure all the parts are thoroughly submerged kept this way for 30 minutes or the recommended time.

Rinse all the components thoroughly with water afterward, and don’t leave the units inside the solution for more than 24 hours.

Can You Store Sterilized Baby Bottles?

Yes, you can. As you won’t be using all the equipment immediately, you need to store them securely to keep them germ-free.

So, after you are done with the process, store serialized baby bottles in a container in the fridge. Make sure to check with the manufacturer about how long you can keep it this way. Mostly, after boiling, you shouldn’t keep them inside the fridge for more than 24 hours.

If you don’t use any items within 24 hours, then sterilize again.

Also, make sure the container you are storing is also sterilized. And keep it sealed with a lid.


Still saying ‘when should I sterilize baby bottles before birth?’ I hope not.  If you have been anxious about when I should sterilize baby bottles before birth, then we hope this article is of some help. You can do this at 35 weeks or later, considering when you are expecting. Just make sure you don’t do it much early.

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