Old Boppy Pillows

What To Do With Old Boppy Pillows?

No matter how expensive accessories and gears you buy for your baby, most of those can no longer be used after a few months. The same goes for Boppy nursing pillows. Once the baby hits 16 pounds of body weight, the pillow is no longer necessary.

If you are wondering what to do with Old Boppy pillows, there are a lot of things that you can use the pillow for. Unlike other recycled products, old nursing pillows can be used for some genuine purposes.

Without any further, let’s jump on to the main section and see what you can do with the pillow to make it worth every penny.

What to Do with Old Boppy Pillows

Many of the reuses I’m going to mention would require you to purchase another product. Thankfully, you got an older Boppy pillow that can be used for a great replacement, and save your money as well.

Support for Side Sleeping

Whether you purchase the pillow back when you were pregnant or after giving birth to the baby, you can reuse it as a side sleeping pillow. You will feel much more comfortable to sleep with the pillow when it will support your back.

If you have become pregnant again within a short time, consider taking the pillow to give you company during your restless and sleepless pregnancy nights. Simply place it between your legs to use the Boppypillow for sleeping.

Chair Back Support

The same pillow that used to support your little one, can now provide great support on your back when you sit on a chair or cushion. You will feel much comfortable to sit, placing the pillow on your back.

Neck Support

When you are traveling a long distance that takes more than 5 hours, sitting in the car while holding the head up gets quite tiring. People have headaches due to this when they travel for hours.

To comfort you in such a condition, Old Boppy can is a great neck supporting pillow. Both for the neck and head, this pillow can be a great source of relief.

When the little one doesn’t use the pillow, there are other Boppypillow uses for adults that can provide you great convenience.

Laptop Holder

Sitting on a couch or floor with a laptop on the lap feels comfortable to work. To add more to your comfort, consider placing Boppy on your lap, and laptop on the pillow. Your lap will not take the exhaust heat that comes out of the laptop’s grill, and allow you to work in this position for a long time.

This is something I always do when I work on the laptop while sitting on the bed. Even though I don’t use the Boppy, it still feels quite comfortable to work with. Using a nursing pillow would add more convenience to this.

iPad Holder

When you watch something on the iPad for hours, holding the device often feels tiring. You have always wanted something to hold it so you can spend time comfortably. As your baby no longer uses his/her nursing pillow, go ahead, pick the pillow up and place it on your lap to hold the iPad.

The next time when you are to sit on a couch with the iPad to watch anything, you would long for the same comfort again and again.

Book Holder

The same pillow you use for holding a laptop and iPad can also be used for a book holder. Place the book on the pillow, and read more comfortably. The only thing that you need to do is to flip to the next pages. Put an end to the situation when you read a book in bed, and the book lands on your face while you are asleep.

When you want to write something sitting on a couch or bed, use the pillow to rest the notepad, it will provide great comfort to brainstorm while working.

Pet Cushion

If you are still thinking about how to reuse a Boppypillow in a more beneficial way, do you have any pets in the house? Be it cat or dog, the used older Boppy can be a great company for your pet.

Pet owners buy separate cushions for cats and dogs, which you don’t even need. Use the same pillow here as well. But the thing is, once you let the cat or dog use the pillow, you mostly cannot use it for other purposes.

You will find the pet, especially the cat spends most of the time sitting on this pillow-like a king.

Tummy and Propping Support

When you no longer use the pillow for nursing, your little one can spend some quality tummy and propping time on it. As these pillows are soft and comfortable for sensitive skin, your baby will feel great comfort lying on it.

Exercise Purpose

If you do a lot of home exercise, those hardwood floors feel too hard to exercise comfortably. Initially, most exercise mats also feel hard to exercise properly.

Placing the Boppyunder your hips allows you to do leg lifting, reverse sit-ups and other exercises that have to do with sitting on the floor. Also, when you complete an exercise session for the day, you can lay on the pillow to relax with more comfort.

Bath Time

No, it’s not for placing the pillow in the tub. A number of mothers use Old Boppy pillows as kneeling support while giving a bath to their kids. Cold and hard floors feel uncomfortable to kneel on. You can use the pillow for this purpose as well.

Final Words

I have listed only 10 ways to make the best use of an old Boppy. There are also lots of other uses as well. However, these are the most beneficial ones. Whenever someone or your neighbor asks you what to do with Old Boppy pillows — you will be able to help his/her regarding this.

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