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How To Use My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow?

Nursing pillows are becoming increasingly popular with moms due to their comfort and convenience. When you become a new mom, a pillow such as this helps you figure out the nursing process and makes the experience enjoyable.

But many still don’t own a nursing pillow. Reading this article about how to use My Brest Friend nursing pillow will inform a lot about the convenience this product could bring into a new mom’s life.

What Is a Nursing Pillow?

When you become a mother, there are many new things you have to learn, and nursing is just one of them. Besides, if you have a C-section done, it becomes quite hard to hold a baby for too long. No matter how light, holding a baby close to your breast for a long time could become tiresome.

This is where a nursing pillow comes into rescue. It helps a nursing mom propping the infant close to the mother’s breast, taking the load off her arms.

Do I Need a Nursing Pillow?

Although, before official nursing pillows hit the consumer market, women throughout history breastfed their babies without much hassle. But the right nursing pillow will help do exactly that without the risk of having a neck, arm, or back strain.

With the help of a nursing pillow, you can breastfeed your child for a more extended period comfortably. Additionally, a nursing pillow will help you recover from C-sections wounds quite quickly.

What Makes a Good Nursing Pillow?

Not all nursing pillows offer you similar support while breastfeeding. Have a look at some of the most important considerations that make a nursing pillow great.


You need a nursing pillow primarily to support your baby and yourself. Many moms complain of neck, hand, and back pain after nursing her child for a longer time. That’s why you need a firmer pillow since it will help you support yourself and the baby’s head and neck.


When it comes to your baby, there’s no way around other than being picky about the material touching that newborn’s skin. That’s why it is imperative to get the one that suits your baby’s skin best and gives you the highest support.


Any space around a baby is bound to get dirty, whether through occasional throw-ups or an unfortunate diaper blow-out. Cleanliness is, therefore, an utmost priority to ensure the baby’s good health.

So, you must look for a pillow that is entirely machine washable, water-resistant and doesn’t retain smell. It is handy to buy a pillow with a removable pillow cover too.

What is My Brest Friend?

My brest friend is somewhat like a C shaped nursing pillow that wraps around a mom’s body to breastfeed her child most comfortably. It supports the baby’s neck and head while doing the same for mom’s neck, hands, and back.

How to Use My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow

Using My Brest Friend is almost the same as using any other nursing pillow, except that it is more comfortable. Let’s look at the steps of using this pillow.

Step 1

Position My Brest Friend around your waist at the height that perfectly suits you and your baby.

Step 2

Open the Velcro strap and the pillow to wrap around your body with the clasp on your right side and the backrest behind.

Step 3

When you have placed the pillow on your optimal nursing height, fasten the Velcro strap so that it is secured tightly on your body. Don’t attach it too tight if you have a C-section done while delivering.

Step 4

Pick up your baby and sit down to breastfeed. Never use My Brest Friend with your baby on it while you are standing. Rest your baby’s head directly on the pillow and help her latch on.

Step 5

After you are done feeding the baby, squeeze the buckle to release the clasp of the pillow. You can open and put off My Brest Friend in this way very easily.

How to Use My Brest Friend Twin Nursing Pillow?

The twin nursing pillow is quite large to hold two infants at the same time. The foam used in this pillow is sturdier than normal-sized one so that it doesn’t sag or bend under the weight of two babies simultaneously.

Using the twin nursing pillow is very easy as well. You just place both of your babies at your sides with their body and legs under your arms. Both of their heads, in this case, are supported by your two hands.

What Is the Difference Between My Brest Friend Original And Deluxe?

Both My Brest Friend Original and Deluxe offers you the best support when it comes to you and your baby. But the new Deluxe uses a baby-plush soft fabric while the original features 100% cotton fabric, which can feel stiff sometimes.

As for the buckle system, both of them use large sizes to latch the pillow in place. However, Deluxe offers a double-featured strap that makes putting on and taking off the pillow a one-handed job.

Can I Wash My Brest Friend Pillow?

You can easily wash My Brest Friend pillow as it is made from recyclable foam and 100% cotton-made removable cover. Now you can machine wash your nursing pillow for any inevitable diaper explosion.

Final Words

A nursing pillow is not an essential thing for a breastfeeding mom, but it is undoubtedly a “nice-to-get” product. We hope this article has informed you enough about how to use My Brest Friend nursing pillow.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a nursing pillow to make your breastfeeding days more enjoyable.

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