best way to pack a backpack with clothes

How To Pack A Backpack With Clothes- Essential Packing Hacks

Why should you pack clothes in a backpack?If you are not going for a short visit, you do not need to carry many things. But if you going camping or any other trip, you might be wondering how to pack a backpack for overnight hiking. The packing should be done in a way that doesn’t wrinkle your belongings.You might also be wondering how to pack a backpack for an outdoor event or how to pack a backpack for hiking and camping. I am going to show you the correct way to pack your backpack. You will also learn some tips on what to pack a backpack with.

How to Pack Clothes in a Backpack

Packing clothes in your backpack for a vacation or backpacking trip can be tough if you don’t know how to pack well and save space. Even if you are packing essential items for an overnight stay, you need to know how to pack the right way.  You don’t need special things like packing cubes to help you pack conveniently. I am going to show you a few tips on how to pack a backpack with clothes.

Choose multi-functional clothes

When packing clothes for a short visit, it is important to choose what clothes you are going to take with you. To save on space, you should bring clothing items that can be used in any type of occasion. Also, choose clothes that can coordinate with any outfit. You can also choose clothes that can be turned into another clothing item to save on time and space, like a pair of pants that can be rolled up into shorts. Check out the top 3 kelty kids carrier backback .

Layer yourself

This tip works best if you are in cold climates. You can choose to bring practical clothes that you can wear in layers. Doing this is going to save you the need of carrying jackets and sweaters. You can, for example, wear a long sleeve shirt under a t-shirt or leggings underneath shorts. These kinds of clothes are going to help you deal with both hot and cold climates.


Since you are going to fold your clothes, you should not bring anything that is made of fabrics. This step is going to help you avoid wrinkles on your clothes. You should consider bringing items like light cotton and lighter materials and you will not deal with wrinkled clothes.


These are important, especially when packing for a mom backpack with toddlers. Children tend to get dirty easily and having a few toiletry items to clean them with is necessary. That is why you should pick a mom backpack that can fit all your travel essentials. You can also consider packing toiletries when looking for how to pack a backpack for overnight hiking. Let me give you some tips that will help you pack toiletries.

Travel size

Putting toiletries and your clothes together is a bad idea. Sometimes your shampoo and lotions can mess up with your clothes. Carrying toiletries in small sizes will go a long way in saving space. You can buy miniature size toiletries or transfer them into travel containers. This is going to help you utilize the space. You should also carry a small emergency kit if you are going to travel for a long time.


You can choose items that have combined options to save on space. They might include a shampoo turned body wash or a comb with a mirror. You can also choose multipurpose soap especially when considering how to pack a backpack for hiking and camping. All these will help you save and you don’t have to carry a lot of items.

Shoes and accessories

These are things that you are going to need, especially if you are going for long journeys or out hiking and camping. Getting only a few essential items is going to help you save space. If you want to pack a backpack with a sleeping bag when you are going hiking, you should consider even skipping out on some items. For example, you can decide to carry just one pair of shoes and wear the others and only bring the necessary items.

How to Pack a Backpack

Now that we have seen some of the things you might need to carry, let us move on to how to pack the backpack itself. You can use compression dry bags to pack these things to maximize space.Compression drybags push air out the clothes, which saves you a lot of space. They play a huge role to organize your items and make the packing process simple and fast. You can section your clothes in various bags so it can be easy to access them. You can also carry a spare dry bag to store your dirty laundry so that it doesn’t get mixed with the clean clothes.

Storing Clothing

When packing your clothing, follow these directions;

  • Use the army roll method for storing your shirts, socks, and underwear. To do this, place your clothing items on a flat surface, spread them out, and start rolling from end to end. The rolls should be neat and tight so that they don’t come apart.
  • Store your shirt, underwear, and socks in one bundle. You can do this by having the shirt on the outside then place the folded socks and underwear inside it. Roll the shirt from the collar going down, making sure the rolls are tight. Finish up by wrapping the package with the inside out section.
  • Fold your skirts, pants, and shorts to avoid wrinkles. These clothing items are difficult to roll and they tend to wrinkle. Lay them on a flat surface, then fold them neatly to ensure they don’t crease.
  • Use the clothing folder. This folder is going to help you store your clothes flatly and it minimizes the amount of wrinkling.
  • Store items by weight. The heaviest items should be at the bottom with the lighter ones on top.
  • Store some items within the soles of your shoes. These items can be socks, underwear, or even shirts. Storing them inside the shoes will save you a lot of space.
  • If you are thinking of how to pack a backpack with a tent, you should always put the lightest items at the bottom.


I hope this article has helped you to know how you can pack a backpack with clothes. You should always remember to use multifunctional clothes and toiletries to save space. Also, use the army method of folding clothes and store multiple things together to make it easier. You should also get compression packing cubes or dry bags to make things simpler. Remember, the best way to pack a backpack with clothes is by creating neat bundles that will save you a lot of space.

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