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Chicco Child Carrier Backpack

Whether you are expecting a new member in the family to be born, or you have been planning to be active and share memories with your 2-year old while hiking, then a high-quality Chicco child carrier backpack is such a blessing to you.

The market is teeming with varying options. Once in a while, a new line comes in and shoves all other brands from the limelight. This is great news for parents, to be honest. With hundreds of options in the market, you no longer have to settle with poor quality child carriers that you need to regularly replace.

But with a hundred options to choose from, which one is perfect for you and your baby?

Let’s talk about it here.

Top 3 Chicco Child Carrier Backpack Comparison

PHOTOS NAMES Color Pricing
Chicco SmartSupport Backpack Carrier

Chicco SmartSupport Backpack Carrier


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Chicco UltraSoft 2-in-1 Infant Carrier
Chicco UltraSoft 2-in-1 Infant Carrier
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Chicco Ultrasoft Magic Carrier

Chicco Ultrasoft Magic Carrier


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Why You Should Choose Chicco Child Carrier Backpack

You would never go wrong with a Chicco child carrier backpack.

What sets this brand apart from the others is that it is a smarter option in carrying your growing children. The brand is known to create child carrier backpacks that brings with it innovative adjustable support.

From its padded construction across most of its products that provide comfort; to the level of convenience each of their products provides, this brand is perfect for you and your baby.

Chicco is a trusted name when it comes to assisting parents in everything that concerns babies. This Italian brand has, over the years, made parenting easier for parents not just in the United States but all over the world.

The company had been in existence since 1958. And with a commitment to provide better solutions to everything that concerns parents and babies, it has grown into a global brand with a very strong market presence in more than a hundred countries.

It brings to the table everything from toys to nursing, shoes, and even baby care products. With a commitment to the great quality of their products and openness to providing an innovative line of products, Chicco has made parenting easier than ever.

Top 3 Chicco Child Carrier Backpack Reviews

Different backpacks work compatibly well for different parents. See our top three choices and discover what is perfect for you and your baby.

Chicco SmartSupport Backpack Carrier – Grey

If there is one thing that this backpack carrier is known for, it is the level of comfort it brings when you travel with your baby.

First of all, this backpack carrier is built with a multi-position seat. Second, it comes with padded backrests. Third, it is constructed with a 5-point harness. All these (and more) make up this amazing backpack carrier that assures you nothing but comfort for you and your baby.

And speaking of comfort, you can rest easy knowing you have it in your hands to control how much sun your baby gets with the carrier’s adjustable canopy.

The backpack is lightweight and comes with an aluminum frame that is supported by a padded waist and shoulder straps. Its lumbar is energy-absorbing which makes it easy on your back and shoulders, making this option one of the most comfortable out there.

And just when you thought this carrier has it all, you have not heard everything yet. It should be emphasized that the Chicco Smart Support backpack carrier is designed to maximize the amount of air that flows in, providing you with enough ventilation when in use. This is not just comfort for your baby but you as well.

It is easy to store too. The backpack carrier is engineered with a built-in kickstand for easy loading (or unloading).

What’s amazing about this backpack is that it is so sturdy that it can hold babies of up to 40 pounds! It is easy to clean and maintain. And don’t worry; it comes with a Chicco smart support backpack manual.

If there is one thing we’d like to improve, however, it is that the shoulder straps may not be enough for bigger men. This is minor, though; but if the straps could be made long enough, this should be perfect already.



Chicco Ultrasoft 2-in-1 Infant Carrier

When Chicco says it’s 2-in-1, we were not so sure about how it can create a carrier that can also be used in a couple of ways. But 2-in-1 it is, then.

Anyway, this carrier brings with it absolute comfort to your baby. Just when your baby is at its infancy, it needs as many cuddles as it can get from its parents. What we like about this carrier is its parent-facing feature that provides babies with the needed closeness to its parents.

The carrier is built with a snap-on bib that provides you and the baby a feeling of security. It is machine-washable and is also built with mesh storage pockets, which adds a level more of convenience.

And when your baby has already mastered enough head support, you can use the carrier with the baby facing outward. This enables you to have fun with your baby exploring its surroundings for the first time.

As we know babies can move a lot when being carried, that’s why we highly recommend this type of carrier. It is built with three adjustable side straps that provide you with the added security. The straps all keep your baby nestled in. It is also adjustable to make sure it accommodates your baby for a long time, even as it grows.

The carrier is constructed with mini-vent linings and mesh side panels that allow enough airflow, keeping your baby fresh and comfortable throughout.

By the way, before we forget, the carrier also comes with a burp cloth section that protects your clothes from when the baby burps.

How convenient!



Chicco Ultrasoft Magic Carrier

Just like our previous Chicco carrier, this last entry is a 2-in-1 infant carrier that’s built with babies in mind. When we say babies, we mean the smaller ones and the bigger ones. Chicco just made sure no baby is left behind. Its design ensures that the carrier can be used from birth until about a few months to even a year old.

The carrier is designed to let smaller babies face towards their parents for the warmth, comfort, and sense of security the parent brings. It is built with a soft, mini-vented lining and side straps that can be adjusted to ensure it holds the baby nice and safe.

This thing is also built with mesh side panels that can hold some of your needed items, bringing with it a lot of conveniences. It is also built with padded shoulder straps and bi-directional side straps. No matter how heavy your baby gets, carrying him or her would remain comfortable.

Chicco ultrasoft magic carrier can also carry your baby while it explores its environment for the first time. Just when your baby masters enough head support, you can carry your baby facing out while you introduce the world.

It can hold as much as 26 pounds in weight. The carrier also comes with a matching carry bag. Plus, it can be machine-washed, which makes it more convenient.



What to Look for Before Buying

Your baby will only be a baby once. And considering the price that you have to pay for a backpack carrier, it is understandable that you would only get what’s perfect for you and your baby. Read also baby blog for parents.

With a Chicco backpack carrier presenting you with hundreds of features, we know choosing the perfect one can be intimidating. But how do you choose? Here are a few things to keep in mind.


Parent Comfort

When you carry your baby with you on hikes or a sunny day at the beach, you’re not bringing just the baby. You also have to bring with your diapers, wipes, and a few (or a lot) more essentials.

While choosing the perfect backpack carrier, make sure to get that which is built with enough space and compartments for your essentials. The Chicco Ultrasoft 2 way infant carrier has enough pockets to store all the items that you need. Read more about how long a mom can carry a baby.


One of the major things to consider is the level of comfort the backpack carrier brings to parents. As parents, you would be responsible for carrying your baby everywhere you go. You can’t just leave your baby on a bench somewhere, right?

Anyway, choose the backpack carrier that is super comfy for you.

A few things to keep in mind are paddings at the back and shoulder areas. Also, make sure that the waist or hip areas are sufficiently-padded. The padding makes it easier and more comfortable for you, as a parent, to carry your baby around, whether it’s out for shopping or a nice day out at the beach.

The Comfort It Brings

Another extremely important thing is that the backpack carrier should also provide as much comfort to the baby. You can’t just boast of the comfort the carrier brings you while your baby screams its lungs out because it’s hot and stuffy from where he is.

This is the reason why most Chicco carriers come with footrests and drool pads as well as cockpit seats and soft materials. All these are for your baby’s ultimate comfort.

The Ease of Use

Some backpack carriers can be so hard to use.

When out shopping for the perfect backpack carrier for your baby, make sure to choose the one that is easy to assemble. Its usage should also be hassle-free. This includes the unloading, unbuckling, and even buckling of your baby to the carrier.

It Should Be Safe

Most important of all, your baby should be safe.

Must we say more?

Frequently Asked Questions

As earlier mentioned, setting your sights on just one backpack carrier amidst a sea of wonderful brands can be overwhelming. This is the reason why we took the opportunity to answer some of the questions that may be bothering you right now.

What is the greatest advantage of getting a Chicco backyard carrier?

Chicco has been around for many decades. It is comfortable and sturdy, should last you for many years.

This thing is also easy to use, safe, secure, and is mostly adjustable, making it the backpack carrier you bring with you, no matter how fast your baby grows.

I have a bad back. Can I still use backpack baby carriers?

This is why Chicco is here to help.

Chicco backpack baby carriers are made in such a way that it also supports your back while you carry your baby with you everywhere. Never miss a day out with your baby. Chicco backpack baby carriers are completely made for you.

What carrier is best for newborns?

The Chicco Smart Support Backpack carrier is perfect for you. It can be used from the time your baby is born up until the time when the baby can support his head for you to carry him facing outwards. The Chicco Ultrasoft magic is another great option.

Why should I carry my baby?

Research shows that babies that are carried more often have fewer chances of developing colic than those that are left on their own for a long time.

They cry less and are shown to be more confident as they grow up.

Plus, carrying them gives you more time for bonding.

Will my baby be warm while I carry him?

Of course, he will. Babies love being carried.

Chicco backpack carriers are made to be super comfortable for the baby. Each backpack carrier is made from materials that keep your baby warm without making them feel overly hot.

Final Words

They will only be babies once. As such, they deserve nothing but the best from you.

Let them feel your love by getting them only the best the world can offer. Chicco child carrier backpacks can certainly translate that love.

Go, get one for your baby right now!

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