Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System Reviews

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System Reviews

Definitely, you are most likely considering to purchase a car seat for your baby and you are searching for reviews on Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System. Here, we have significant data about this product, in light of experiences and surveys composed by different users.

A child travel stroller is fundamentally a kid stroller that is intended to work with a separable infant car seat. The advantage of utilizing a baby stroller and vehicle seat combo is the comfort of consistently transporting your little one from the vehicle to the carriage and the other way around, without waking or troubling them. You also get purple baby stroller travel system here.

3 Chicco Bravo trio Travel System Comparison

It’s exceptionally simple to crease with one hand. Check Price
This is an extraordinary travel system! Check Price
it’s a superb seat! Check Price

1. Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System, Orion


This item was delivered quickly and I was excited, as every single nearby store went out of stock. The Trio travel system is brilliant and we profoundly prescribe this item.

Above all, the kid stroller is extremely simple to move and the wheels turn in all respects effectively. I picked this product based on surveys and proposal from a companion utilizing a similar travel system.

Extremely content with it, the vehicle seats embeds effectively all through the base and the kid stroller and I can do it without waking my dozing child. The baby stroller moves very well really, I am inspired.

Completely cherished are the kid stroller and vehicle seat. Both were vigorously utilized and still look genuinely new in the wake of washing and cleaning down.

That is something else I cherished and I am ready to expel the baby stroller segment/seat and wash without any issues same with the vehicle seat! This is the best baby stroller system out there in the market. We have adored the straightforwardness to which this was planned around. Simple to open and store the kid stroller. Simple to get the infant all through the vehicle seat.

Simple to get the vehicle to seat all through the vehicle. Incredible capacity under the carriage for goods, and so on in the event that you like to run errands. Our child utilized the vehicle seat for a period of a year and some months.

Love this movement system! I would very prescribe it to any inexperienced parents. It’s extremely simple to introduce the vehicle seat base with the locking system in our vehicle.

Considerably simpler to click in the seat and go! Also, I adore having the capacity to tap the seat directly into the kid stroller when it’s an ideal opportunity to walk the puppy. The kid stroller handles well on the walkways in our neighborhood (frequently uneven since our neighborhood is more established). It’s exceptionally simple to crease with one hand.

What’s more, when our child became older, we placed him in the carriage without the vehicle seat. I’m happy we have this product.

2. Chicco Bravo LE Trio Travel System, Silhouette


I’m a first-time father and I chose this movement system in 2017 based on amazing reviews I read about it. My mother liberally presented it to us. This is an extraordinary travel system! The baby stroller is simple to control and the vehicle seat base is so natural to introduce!

It took a couple of minutes to figure out how everything functioned, except once I made sense of it I was exceptionally content with all the fixings. I truly like how the kid stroller adjusts from only an edge to one with a seat and nibble plate for when the child gets more established. Likewise, the casing is anything but difficult to close, a major reward when you just have one hand.

I totally love the shading and material of the vehicle seat and carriage. I’ve completed a great deal of research on numerous carriages and I’m happy I have presented this movement system.

I once again took the carriage out and utilized it with my 2-year-old niece to attempt it. It pushes effectively and turns great, so too simple to overlap up. It overlaps so level and can fit into the storage compartment in all respects effectively. Tried putting the base and seat in the vehicle with my hubby while going out with kids. It is so natural to utilize and it just goes in and out so effectively. I adore that it is so natural to utilize, everything goes together and falls to pieces so effectively.

Everything I can say is goodness! I have heard people utilized different systems and none of them contrast with the CHICCO BRAVO LE SYSTEM! The accommodation alone makes this an incredible purchase; to avoid anything related to the security highlights,

which are obviously the top need! Regardless of whether this is your first take or fifth you can’t turn out badly with this item! I can just expect my child is agreeable, as she nods off when I place her in it. The best part is I can remove her from the vehicle without irritating her with the lift out.

3. Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System, Papyrus


We searched for the vehicle seat and kid stroller by reading surveys, looked into wellbeing appraisals, and invested days attempting to choose. We were anxious to buy this since it was more than we had put aside for a financial limit,

yet I am so grateful we did!! It looks magnificent and high caliber, the wheels are smooth and don’t stick, and the supplement in the vehicle seat is delicate and comfortable for a little infant. The vehicle seat base was likewise very simple to set up.

I went out to my truck anticipating that it should be mind-boggling and tedious, yet it took me under 5 minutes. The vehicle seat effectively fits into spot and with the draw of a hook it effectively turns out. Our daughter gives off an impression of being entirely agreeable in this seat and I feel quiet realizing she is satisfied in a top-notch vehicle seat.

The base is anything but difficult to introduce in your vehicle. The seat clicks in and lifts out of the base and the mentor simple also. The product creases up with one hand. This is an incredible product for inside, shopping centers, stores, and so forth. We additionally bought the Chicco jogger which is progressively strong for outside voyaging regardless of whether you don’t expect to really run. The child seat likewise clicks effectively into and lifts effectively out of the Chicco’s jogger as well.

I would purchase this vehicle seat again and very prescribe to different guardians. We’ve been utilizing this seat for our 8-month-old child as far back as she was conceived, and it’s a superb seat! It’s extremely simple to use with his base and the orange catches make it evident what to push to get the seat to do what you need.

The vehicle seat fits into a carriage base and you can purchase numerous bases on the off chance that you have to move the infant starting with one vehicle then onto the next.

We made a 20-hour excursion when my child when she was only 2 weeks old and she was astonishing.

Buyers Guide

Generally, parents prefer to move around with their babies, even when such babies are still in their cradle. In order to make babies feel safe and comfortable, car seat systems with strollers are invented so as to bring babies close to their mothers wherever they go.

The Chicco Travel System provides some common features of use that adapt to your baby’s changing needs, offering comfort, reliability, and style at an affordable price. It is also designed as a complete Travel Systems with a baby car seat and a stroller. These features include the following:

Moving around with your baby around your arm can be a cumbersome affair. You end up getting so tired and fully exhausted. Luckily in the modern world, several companies are developing baby carriers that are useful in carrying the babies around. They come with so many great features that prove to be irresistible to anyone. Indeed,

it is appreciated by many people who have babies. This is because it gives them the peace of mind to go into adventures, knowing that the baby is well kept. This guide is going to provide you with invaluable information on what you require to choose this particular brand. Read on.


There are travel systems that have a quick and ease potable feature. So you might want to consider buying these types over the ones that might not fit in your trunk.


This is definitely a feature that is essential for any stroller. This is because the basic essence of the stroller is to enable mothers to move their babies from one location to another. You should consider this feature while making a new purchase.


This is one of the ultimate things that you would be looking for before you invest your money away. The safety of your child should be the topmost priority. This particular baby carrier is fitted with airbags.

What is, even more, is that in case of an accident, it full deploys the airbags to protect the baby from any harm. You are guaranteed of the baby safety in this carrier. The airbags, however, may not function well if it has defects that have not been rectified.


If you care so much about the comfort and safety of your baby, then even the pricing will not matter to you. However, this product, with its all merits is still affordable to almost anyone in need. The current price of this carrier ranges from $370 to $390 depending on your region. The average and the most preferred price is $380, which is the common price in several markets. Always remember to check for the price that suits your budget and the plans.


This carries is excellent for everyday baby growth. It comes with a capacity of that of a car seat, meaning that the baby may never outgrow it. Luckily, the manufacturer had in mind the consideration that babies grow.

This model can be used right from when the baby is at the infancy stage, to when he/she has developed. It can be attached to other accessories for the benefit of the baby.


Before you even think of warranty, durability should cross your mind. With its full range of benefits, the developers went for the durability aspect of it. However, in the unlikely event that it breaks down,

you are assured of a limited time warranty for the product. But if it breaks down past the warranty period, the genuine and original spares are available almost everywhere. What is, even more, is that the price of the spares is affordable.

This travel system is quite popular with many parents and families since it has no issues. It can even take more than three years before it starts developing small defects.

Its popularity in use means that many people appreciate the features that it comes along with. No wonder many other brands keep on trying to copy this particular travel system.

Seating options

As earlier indicated, this travel system is useful from the baby infancy to a full-grown baby. For infancy, it is fitted with KeyFit Carrier. This is attached to the infant car seat. It can then be attached to the stroller frame or the stroller seat.

Another great feature is that the stroller can fit it into the infant car seat. The reason is that car seats can always be removed when the need arises.

When the toddler has outgrown the KeyFit, you can easily switch to Bravo which will function as an everyday stroller up to when the baby is 50 lbs. Bravo presents the smartest quick fold in its class. It only takes a moment and you are done, with a free-standing fold.


This travel system is readily available in your local store. You can get it any time when you wish to. In the case that there is no local store near you, you will not need to worry as it is readily available online. You can make an order and pay for it at a click of a button. Many parents go for this option since you can do everything in the comfort of your home.


Travel worldwide without the fear of how you will move around with the baby travel system. Whether you are getting into the plane, or even the train, a ship or an omnibus, you can easily fold the carrier and move in with it.

Many carriers have provided a compartment for keeping the baby travel systems while on board. What is even better is that some carriers do not charge carriage costs for these prams since they are smaller and lighter in weight.

The moment you arrive at your destination, you can unfold the carrier and move your baby in it.


As a parent, the first thing that should come to you is the comfort of your baby. It doesn’t matter the terrain or even the weather. The priority is a comfort for maximum enjoyment. This travel system has been designed for excellent comfort and relaxation of the infant. Good comfort provides peace to the baby.

It has been found out that the babies who do not enjoy the comfort of the travel system end up with some life complications in the future. This is the reason why the developers of this system have comfort and safety as their first and priority feature.

The carrier has a tray cup holder to ensure that the baby remains in place without falling off. This is because babies tend to be playful and adventurous. They like moving around with little time for settling. The developers thought of coming up with the cup tray holder to eradicate or at least minimize this problem.

When you buy the carrier, ensure that all parts are delivered with it, otherwise, you are not bound to accept anything less than what you had ordered for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How month old baby should use the car seat?

This depends a lot upon each kid. Once your kid achieves 25-30 pounds. You might want to utilize the carriage without the vehicle seat connection, you can I began to do that when my infant could sit well with help. He loves the baby stroller much superior to anything like the vehicle seat.

Does Chicco Bravo LE Trio Travel System, Silhouette kid stroller lie flat?

I surmise you implied the seat. It has three customizable dimensions. The most reduced dimension isn’t level, yet low enough for resting. It lies flat.

Do you provide discounts during the purchase of the travel system?

Yes, though this is bound to change any time. Discounts are just inducements and are not permanent. Currently, we offer a 20% discount on the purchase price. I cannot exactly tell the period when the discount period will end, but it will surely come to an end. It will be revived later too.

What period do you guarantee that the carrier will serve me without issues?

It depends on some factors. If you purchase one when new and you take good care of it, it will serve you for a long time. It can even serve you for over three years without it breaking down. If you do not handle with care, it may not serve you for a long time.

How long does the warranty period cover?

Period for some products extends for a year while others even extend to at least two years. It depends on the product that you go for. The bottom line is that all our products are covered by a warranty which has a lifespan of more than a year. When the warranty period expires, you will always have access to affordable spares for your pram.

What is the travel system seat made of?

To enhance the comfort of your baby, the seat is made of a soft and nice to the touch fabric. Baby’s skin is quite delicate while the whole body is a bit fragile;

hence it needs a lot of comforts. It is also fitted with a five-point harness that provides the baby with a safe ride. With all these comfort features in place, the baby is going to enjoy the ride all the time.

Is it fitted with breaks?

Yes, it is fitted with brakes. You may not desire to see the carrier start moving on its own with the baby right on board. The brakes are easy to engage in and use them. The only challenge is that it has no indicator to show whether they have been applied correctly.

It is upon the parent to ensure that the brakes are engaged correctly to avoid any bad incidences that may occur. Another good advantage is that the machine cannot run at a high speed, hence the carrier may not easily roll away when the brakes are not engaged. It is however advised and encouraged to always have the brakes engaged.

How long does it take to be delivered after I make an order?

When you go and buy it from the local store, you will get it instantly. If you ordered it online, you may have to allow up to one or two weeks for the delivery to happen. In some cases, the carrier has to be shipped from abroad hence it may even take a longer time to be delivered.

If you are making an order but you are not in the United States, you may have to wait a little bit longer for the delivery to be done. The only assurance is that the delivery will be done, and in the case that it fails, you are assured of a full refund of your funds.


The Chico Bravo Travel System offers sturdiness and adaptability. For parents in a hurry, the system is fantastically solid. We hope you found this useful as a guide to purchasing a baby stroller and newborn child vehicle seat.

Each piece of these movement systems is well-made and simple to utilize. You will get quality at a sensible cost! It is ideal for the urban parent who regularly drives and needs a carriage that can be collapsed and tossed in the storage.

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