Best Washer For Baby Clothes

Not all washers can meet your demands when you’re dealing with baby clothes. Our team has been searching for the best washer for baby clothes for a while now so that our readers won’t have a hard time getting their hands on one.

This time, since it was all about a washer for baby clothes, we took our time to do all the math. Seems like we’ve just found 7 washing machines that have got all the features we’ve been looking for.

By features, we mean compact size, durability, great capacity inside, more than 1000 RPM, and many more. Thankfully, the washers we have here have got everything to stand out. Read our reviews to know better.

7 Best Baby Washing Machine for Baby Clothes Reviews

Check out the review of the top 7 best washing machines designed particularly for washing baby clothes. Even you can find a couple of washers here, which can be used for washing socks, jeans, and t-shirts as well. Let’s dive in!

Mini Baby Washing Machine from SUPER DEAL

Are you’re looking for something compact, portable, and at the same time pretty easy to use? Take a look at my first pick – the mini baby washing machine from SUPER DEAL that is a well-known washer to turn your washing task into a piece of cake!

Despite being known as a “mini” washer, it offers you a total of 5.7lbs washing capacity along with 2.2lbs spinning capacity. It means you can wash most of the dirty clothes of your little one at once. Even you can put small blankets or jeans into the machine to make them clean and tidy.

With a weight of approximately 14.37lbs, the size of this washer seems pretty compact, allowing you to keep it in small areas while not using it.

And thankfully, you’ll find an easy-to-grab handle on the backside of this machine, for which you can lift it easily and transfer it anywhere from home to camping.

The wow factor is, you’re getting a 2-in-1 setting, which means it can be used as both baby washing machine and dryer. And guess what? The device can be operated through the control timer, enabling you to set the duration depending on the type of clothes you want to wash off.

Thanks to the maker of this model for offering a specific hose. You can easily connect it to your sink’s faucet in order to fill the washer with adequate amounts of water. So definitely, you can perform your task more smartly and more quickly.

For more convenience, the auto rinse cycle will assist you in eliminating soap and making your infant’s clothes way clean! Feel free to run the spin cycle by just plugging into your nearest outlet. But it’s kind of noisy!


  • Mini yet able to take 5.7lbs (washing capacity)
  • Ease of use due to the 2-in-1 setting
  • Delivers a specific hole to fill the washer with water effortlessly
  • Portable and only 14.37 pounds of weight
  • Auto rinse cycle aids in removing soap from the clothes
  • Controller timer lets you set the duration according to your needs


  • Spin cycle creates a little noise while running!


The model from SUPER DEAL can be your ultimate purchase if you need a decent washer with a 2-in-1 feature. Except for the noisy spin cycle, this one seems great to me overall!

Portable Washer from KUPPET

As the name suggests, this cute-looking washer from KUPPET comes in only 10lbs of weight, making it one of the most portable washing machines out there in the shop.

Let it be dorms, RV’s, apartments, or even camping; this little bomb is going to suit every single place. I personally love the small frame that makes it compatible with tight areas as well.

You’re getting timer control for spinner and washer operations. You won’t even have to spend hours and hours making your toddler’s clothes clean. Around 10-15 minutes will be just enough! For spinning, it won’t take more than 5 minutes (per load).

When it comes to operating the washer, all you need to do is put the clothes inside the machine, fill it with plenty of water, set a timer, and that’s it! It itself will start the cleaning task to give you clean clothes within a few minutes or so. Including the spinning cycle (4.5lbs) and washing (5.5lbs), the total capacity is up to 10lbs.

You can monitor the whole condition with ease because of its clear lid. And the unique part? There is a particular drain tube included with the washer so that you can drain the soapy or dirty water out of your machine.


  • Weighs only 10lbs with a compact design for portability
  • Allows you to set the timer to get clean clothes within minutes
  • Clear lid with a number of buttons for easy operations
  • Comes in a total of 10lbs capacity, making it suitable for small loads
  • Drains dirty or soapy water out of the washer through a drain tube


  • Motor stars making a loud noise after running the washer for long!


Portable design, easy-view lid, and effective drain tube make the washer pretty much popular among parents who are looking for a simple and straightforward washing machine.

Giantex EP22757

You probably want to have a baby washing machine with more capacity, right? If yes, then I can confirm that this one from Giantex won’t disappoint you at all. With a total of 7 kg, you’re getting a space of 9lbs for washing and 7lbs for spinning.

And yes, there are three timer controls available for both spinner and washer, enabling you to keep everything under your thumb! The maximum speed of spinning is about 1250 RPM, ensuring optimal functionality.

This semi-automatic washer gives you two separate tubs instead of one. For this reason, you can either use the single tub or sometimes both for washing purposes.

Although it’s more popular as a baby washing machine, you can easily wash your jeans, t-shirt, and socks without facing any issues. Even the device consumes low electricity compared to the traditional models out there.

Even though it gets a little more weight than my previous pick (around 23.4lbs), I’d still want to consider it as a “portable washing machine.” The manufacturer claims that you can move the stuff anytime you want from one place to another.

On top of that, it’s a pre-assembled washing machine that’s easier to operate and even better for every busy parent.


  • Offers a total of 9 kilograms of capacity
  • 1250 RPM ensures quick and optimal performance
  • Pre-assembled and consumes low electricity to save your money
  • Water inlet with 3 timer control makes this product pretty easy to use
  • Ideal for camping, apartments, small bathroom, and tight areas


  • Sometimes, the machine shakes a lot while operating!


Washing a lot of clothes of your little one will be 100% possible with the Giantex EP22757, the credit goes to its large 9kg capacity. So you can’t neglect to buy this one if capacity matters a lot to you.

Twin Tub Washing Machine from SUPER DEAL

The design of this twin tub washing machine from SUPER DEAL is kind of similar to my previous picks. But the unique thing is, it equips a high-quality aluminum pump and a top-notch plastic body for increasing longevity. 

I’d like to call it a “super compact” washer due to its cute, small, and space-saving design. Let it be your closet, bathroom, or anywhere else, the machine can easily adjust itself. Plus, it’s great for condos, RV’s, motor homes, and such areas with limited room.

Talking about the capacity, the device gives you around 4.4 pounds spin capacity along with 5.5 pounds wash capacity. So you better use it for small loads, and I’d say use it just for washing your infant’s clothes.

Since you’re getting a specific water inlet, connecting the washer with your kitchen faucet will be just enough to fill the water. And as you can see, there are two separate tubs included.

Consequently, your task is going to be easier and less time-consuming as you’re able to both spin and wash dry clothes at the same time with the SUPER DEAL.

Thanks to its unique “true rinse technology,” giving you the optimal rinsing results, and that too without wasting a lot of water. Additionally, SUPER DEAL gets 2 deep rinses on each and every cycle.

Like my earlier pick, it also allows you to control the time through its timer options. And guess what? The rinse cycle helps you to remove soap from your baby’s clothes more quickly and more effectively!


  • High-quality plastic body offers durability
  • Ideal for bathrooms, closets, and small places due to the compact design
  • Able to wash up to 5.5lbs of baby clothes in one go
  • 1300 RPM with timer options maximize the functionality
  • Eliminates soup within minutes through the rinse cycle
  • True rinse technology offers the optimum rinsing results


  • It’ll start shaking at the max speed!
  • Might take a long time to wash if you fully load the washer with clothes!


You better get your hands on this washing machine if you prioritize durability over everything. Despite being plastic, it’s even sturdier than some of the washers made of metal, trust me!

SUPER DEAL Compact Washer

wash their baby’s clothes

Guess what? SUPER DEAL earns a great value when we talk about the baby washing machine. That’s why most of my picks are from this well-known brand.

And when it comes to this compact washer, it packs a space-saving design, eats up a little space, and perfectly suits apartments, dorms, RV’s, camping, etc.

The twin tub design it gets lets you spin-dry loads and wash them at the same time. It’s going to be easy-peasy to move your infant’s clothes straight away from the washer to the spinner. Or sometimes, you can run both of them in order to complete laundry within no time.

You’re getting a powerful 1300RPM motor on this baby washing machine that equips a maximum of 60Hz (frequency). Since there are numerous timer options to choose from, you can control the device in the way you want.

The 8lbs capacity seems pretty enough for every parent who needs to wash their baby’s clothes on a regular basis. Besides, using the device is a cinch, just put the necessary clothes inside the machine, set your desired time, press the start button, and that’s it!

Thankfully, SUPER DEAL consumes low energy to operate, which is a plus for those who want to have an energy-efficient washer. And the wow factor? It’s capable of washing your infant’s clothes more effectively, even without a lot of twisting!

But I think the draining system it offers isn’t that effective. Sometimes, it can’t drain dirty water out of the machine. Also, the plastic body loses its color too soon. But except for these drawbacks, I personally liked it from head to toe.


  • Twin tub design lets you wash and spin at the same time
  • 1300RPM powerful motor ensures reliable performance
  • 8lbs washer capacity is ideal  for all parents
  • Comes in both energy-saving and space-saving design
  • Able to wash clothes perfectly without excess twisting


  • Drainage system doesn’t work at times!
  • Plastic body might lose its color after a certain period!


The SUPER DEAL Compact Washer allows you to smoothly run both washer and spinner. In this way, you can save valuable time while washing your baby’s clothes.

Giantex EP22761

smoothly run both washer and spinner

Let me show you another space-saving washer from Giantex that comes in a stylish outlook along with a classic “white” color. Although it’s considered a bit weighty due to its 37.4lbs weight, you still can store it in tight areas for the compact design it comes with.

From rinse-spin to wash-rinse, you’re getting up to five unique programs with three water levels to choose from. So controlling the device will be super easy for you, and you can change the mode with the help of its “wash push-button.”

This automatic washing machine is able to take up to 8lbs for washing your baby’s clothes thoroughly. More interestingly, the “honeycomb-shaped” tub can also wash your jeans, socks, underwear, t-shirts, and so on.

After you clean them thoroughly, make sure to drain the dirty water out from the device with its drainage system. An aluminum drain pump is already included.

Trust me, anyone can operate the washer without having problems. Even it requires no installation at all, so make sure you just buy it and start doing your task straight away!

I hope you’ll also like its cabinet material, which is the pp plastic yet much durable than the typical choices. The tub material is sturdier as well on account of the high-quality stainless steel.


  • Stylish look with a space-saving design
  • Gives you 5 different programs for rinsing, washing, spinning, and so forth
  • Offers 8lbs capacity (honeycomb-shaped tub) for washing different clothes
  • Ease of use and no installation needed at all
  • Sturdy PP plastic for cabinet and stainless steel for inner tub


  • Seems a tad bit bulky due to the 37.4lbs weight!
  • Hose leaks from time to time!


I’m pretty sure you’ll love its pp plastic cabinet material. And when it comes to the outlook, it requires no explanation at all as Giantex EP22761 suits your small apartments and great for camping also.

 Baby Washing Machine from LEMY

My last pick from LEMY is designed to tolerate comparatively high temperatures, for which you can make your baby’s clothes way cleaner using hot water. But the temperature shouldn’t be over 60-degree C, keep in mind.

Despite being small, this plastic-made washer is capable of taking up to 8.8lbs of loads, which seems impressive to me! And needless to say, you can keep it anywhere without having space issues.

Both dehydrating and washing will be possible with this effective baby washing machine. It won’t take more than ten minutes for washing, and up to five minutes will be just enough for dehydration.

The unique part? Your baby’s clothes can be dehydrated inside a specific bucket; plus, it’s easily detachable for easy cleaning.

Are you preparing for a picnic with your whole family? No worries, you can take this washer with you while traveling, and it won’t make you feel tired while transferring on accounts of its 12.4lbs lightweight structure.

Talking about the drawbacks, the device shakes a lot when you run it at the highest speed. Plus, the lid it gets isn’t that sturdy compared to my other picks mentioned before.


  • Capable of tolerating high temperatures, but not more than 60°C
  • Small yet able to take up to 8.8lbs of loads easily
  • Designed for both dehydrating and washing for your convenience
  • Great for camping because of its 12.4lbs of weight
  • Gives you a detachable bucket for easy cleaning


  • Flimsy lid!
  • Shakes excessively at a max speed!


The baby washing machine gives you the chance to do both washing and dehydrating, and that too within a few minutes. Even you can transfer the LEMY washer anytime from apartment to camping because of its small structure.

What to Look for Before You Buy?

If you’re buying a baby washing machine for the first time, then it won’t be easy for you to get the best one. From capacity to the noise level, you need to look for a number of different factors.
Otherwise, you’ll get the wrong product, which won’t clean your baby’s clothes effectively.
So let’s check out the factors given below:


As I’ve said to you before, checking the capacity of your baby washing machine should be your first duty. If you choose a washer with inadequate capacity, it’ll be so challenging for you to clean all the clothes at once.
So I’d suggest getting a baby washing machine that includes at least 5lbs washer capacity.

Size and Portability

Do you think bigger is always better? Not at all, especially when we talk about washers for baby clothes. The product you’re going to get should be compact, for which you can store it in small areas when not using it.
On top of that, the weight of your product should be light too. A lightweight washer lets you move it anywhere without much effort. And guess what? This type of washing machine is great for camping as well.

Ease of Use

Make sure the washer you want to buy has got some efficient functions, and more importantly, the device should be easy to use so you can wash your baby clothes with minimal time and minimal effort.
Thankfully, most of my baby washing machines are equipped with a timer controller along with built-in power buttons. These are the things that’ll let you run the device way too easily.


It’s always a plus to get a washer that’s designed not only for washing but for rinsing, spinning, or dehydrating as well. Make sure your product is multi-functional, powerful, and capable of performing multiple tasks.
I personally like to have a washer with a dual tub design. This one will let you run the machine for both spinning and washing at the same time.


Doesn’t matter whether the material of your washer is plastic, stainless steel, or anything else, be sure it’s pretty much sturdy, long-lasting, and able to tolerate high temperatures.
So don’t forget to check the quality of the material. In fact, it’s one of the main things you need to look for.

Noise Level

Frankly speaking, you can’t avoid hearing sounds while washing through a washer, even if you get the high-end device for you. But don’t worry, you can definitely get a washer that offers minimal noise. So make sure you take a look at the noise level before making an ultimate purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What’s the ideal rate of temperature for washing baby clothes?

Although there is no rule to be fixed in a temperature, I’d suggest getting the lukewarm water that’s friendly with almost every type of clothes.
In order to decrease the possibility of shrinkage, it’s best to wash your infant’s clothes from between 30 to 40-degree C.

2. What’s the perfect method of washing baby clothes?

Always try to wash the clothes separately and make sure you pre-soak them in lukewarm water before you start cleaning inside your washing machine. By doing so, you can make them way cleaner and absolutely germ-free.

3. Is it a must to wash new clothes?

According to my in-depth research, washing new clothes for the first time isn’t a must. However, it’s always a better decision to wash them so that your baby won’t end up with irritation, allergies, and such problems after putting them on.

4. What’s the rule of using regular detergent to wash baby clothes, is it safe?

Though it isn’t prohibited, I’d suggest avoiding it if possible. As we all know, baby clothes are comparatively softer, and all babies usually have delicate skin. So it’s always best to get your hands on child-friendly detergent. It’s safe and even better to use.

5. How long baby washers last?

It all depends on how you actually use it. If you use a baby washing machine with proper care and maintenance, it can generally last for more than 10 years or so.

Final Verdict!

I’m pretty sure nobody can beat the Mini Baby Washing Machine from SUPER DEAL if we talk about durability and functionality. You can turn the machine into a dryer within seconds, thanks to its 2-in-1 unique feature.
The second position goes to the Portable Washer from KUPPET, a great choice for those who are looking for a more compact and lightweight washer.
But if you’re looking for a baby washing machine with more capacity, the Giantex EP22757 will fill your needs with its 16lbs of loading capacity.

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