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Best Backpacks for Moms with Toddlers

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Nancy J. Graves
Founder at - Baby Point Hub

This is nancy j. graves , a mother of 3 kids and the founder of When I first became a mother, I was at...

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Nancy J. Graves
Founder at - Baby Point Hub

This is nancy j. graves , a mother of 3 kids and the founder of When I first became a mother, I was at...

Is your child getting to the stage of saying diapers goodbye?

Congratulations! You can finally leave the diaper bag behind while traveling. But you are still skeptical about leaving your home without one or two diapers. After all, better safe than sorry, right?

You can pick up a mommy backpack as your new best friend. But be careful, not all backpacks are tailored to fulfill the needs of a toddler’s mother.

The best backpacks for moms with toddlers are designed to fit all the essential stuff like one or two diapers, wipes, toys, snacks, etc. you might need to care for your baby. The main aim of these backpacks is to provide busy mothers with ease in packing stuff and getting the thing out.

As we know you need it, here in this article, we have listed some of the best backpacks for moms with toddlers. Besides, you will get some essential guides to choose the best one that suits your needings.

So, let’s explore the world of cool backpacks for moms, shall we?

Backpacks for Moms with Toddlers Comparison Table


Harmony Life Multi-Function Travelling Backpack 


                  1.87 lbsCheck Price

HaloVa Diaper Bag Multi-Function Waterproof Travel Backpack

                  5.3 OunceCheck Price

Pipi bear Diaper Bag Travel Backpack


                    1.68 lbsCheck Price

Pantheon  Diaper Bags for Baby Girl Boy 

                    5.6 OunceCheck Price

MOCHOO Diaper Nappy Travel Backpack

                     5.6 OunceCheck Price

KiddyCare Diaper Bag Backpack 

                     5.6 OunceCheck Price

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

                     8 OunceCheck Price

Parker Baby Diaper Backpack

                     2.1 PoundCheck Price

Skip Hop Diaper Bag Backpack 

                     1.68 PoundCheck Price

Hafmall Diaper Bag Backpack 

                     3.52 OunceCheck Price

Best Backpacks for Moms with Toddlers: Concise Overview

In the market, you can find several backpacks for moms with different features, benefits, and price range. Among them, these are some of the top-rated backpacks for moms with toddlers, according to our research. So, let’s have a look at them:

Land Baby Diaper Bag

If you need to frequently travel with your child and looking for stylish backpacks for moms, then Land Baby Diaper Bag is here at your service. Observing this backpack, you will notice that it is designed with keeping beauty and functionality in mind.

Land Baby Diaper Bag has a stylish, pleasing outlook. You can find out that this cute backpack is available in 12 beautiful colors. But its functionality far outweighs its beauty.

This bag has a large capacity and contains 15 individual function pockets to meet all the demands of a toddler’s mother. Its dimensions are 10.6 x 8.3 x 16.5 inches. Its waterproof material protects your pieces of stuff from rain and your dry stuff from wet towels.

We all know that babies feel comfortable with drinking milk or water in a slightly warm temperature. But it can get hard to keep them warm at a specific temperature while having a long-term outdoor activity.

To help mothers with this problem, Land Baby Diaper Bag is equipped with three insulation compartment pockets to keep the temperature of milk or water warm for about two hours.

A good diaper bag has easy storing design, and getting pieces of stuff from there should be just as easy. That’s why this bag has two main storage compartments with fluency zippers. These compartments are very helpful for keeping stuff organized and also apart from one another.



HaloVa Diaper Bag

Another example of the combination of use and style is HaloVa Diaper Bag. This outstanding is an example of one of the best diaper backpacks for moms available in the market.

This bag has a large capacity with multiple pockets. It is light in weight, well-insulated with separate pockets for wet and dry cloths, and has 11 color variations.

One of the downsides on many backpacks is their bulky look with a full fitting. But not for this bag! Despite its multitude of pockets and large capacity, it is constructed well enough to not look bulky with a complete fit.

This bag is safe for you to keep near your kids. It has no chemical residue and thus passed the CPC certification and safety tests with flying colors.

The material used in building these backpacks for moms with toddlers is high-density oxford fabric. As a result, this bag is not only durable but also lightweight and waterproof. If you use it properly and keep maintenance, you will be able to use one bag for years.

Do you want proof? If you can find any quality problems with your HaloVa Diaper Bag, you will get a full refund within three months of your purchase.



Pipi bear Diaper Bag

Looking for cute backpacks for moms? Look no further than Pipi bear Diaper Bag. Incorporating its name, Pipi bear Diaper Bag has a cute outlook. You get to choose this bag in five different colors.

The material used in making this backpack for moms is a blend between nylon fabric and high-quality water-resistant, durable oxford cloth. It is multifunctional wear and deformation-resistant bag. It means that when you fill it up to the brim, it will not look like a lumpy bag. Cool!

The dimensions of this large capacity bag are 16.1 x 12.5 x 2.6 inches while its weight is 1.68oz. Including two insulated bottle chambers and a wet-dry separation pocket, Pipi bear Diaper Bag has thirteen pockets.

Have a hard time using backpacks due to shoulder pain? No worries here! The shoulder straps of this cool bag are padded with foams to reduce straining your shoulders. The producers keep your comfort in mind!

Remember how hard it is to go through the bag when you have one of your hands full of your baby? The designers of the Pipi bear Diaper Bag do! That’s why this bag comes with easy to open dual zippers.

It also has a back zipper so that you won’t have to go through the whole bag to reach something at the bottom. Convenient, right?

And lastly, as the cream of the crop, Pipi bear Diaper Bag has excellent after-care service. If you get any problem with your purchase within three months of your purchase, you will be able to get a free replacement. Good, right?



Pantheon Diaper Bag

Pantheon Diaper Bag’s excellence is the reason for its inclusion in the list of best backpacks for moms. It is a large capacity multifunctional bag perfect for mothers with toddlers.

Most people dislike bags with a narrow opening, no matter how well they are made, getting things in and out always tires with such bags.

If you are on that list, then you would love this backpack’s wide opening. The inside is roomy, and the bottom has a plastic covering in a word, functional.

The quality of the bag is also, without a doubt, the best. The material used in its making is of high quality. Because of the material, the bag itself is resistant to water, spill, and stain.

Want to keep your baby’s milk or baby formulas warm or cold. No worries! Pantheon Diaper Bag’s front pocket is both waterproof and insulated.

This means that not only will you have your baby’s food in your desired temperature handy, but you also will not need to fear that any spills will ruin kinds of stuff kept in the main pocket. Also, don’t forget to stock the side wipes pockets to have easy access to wet wipes.

And lastly, the company will give you an 18 months warranty within which time you will be able to get a replacement or a full refund for any issues.



MOCHOO Diaper Bag

If you are searching for backpacks for moms, why don’t you try MOCHOO Diaper Bag? It is perfect as a multifunctional travel bag for mothers.

MOCHOO Diaper Bag is a multifunctional backpack and can be used as both a handbag and a backpack. It is made of high quality durable Waterproof oxford fabric, perfect for mommy backpack!

This backpack is also available in multiple colors like black, blue, grey, green, pink, red, etc. its looks are also highly fashionable.

Besides being visually pleasing, MOCHOO Diaper Bag is also very functional. It is light and has a large capacity. Its dimensions are 16 x 9.5 x 2 inches, and weight is 1.25 pounds.

Including insulated pockets and wet clothes pocket, it features enough multiple pockets to comfortably store everything your baby might need.

But what if the bag gets dirty? After all, it’s entirely possible with all these baby care products. But don’t worry, the backpack is designed to make cleaning it extremely easy for you. Just wipe it clean with a wet cloth and be set.

The backpack is also waterproof and has comfortable adjustable straps. So you will be able to carry it with ease and won’t feel strained using this bag for a long time duration



KiddyCare Diaper Bag Backpack

Need to travel with your child frequently? Looking for cool backpacks for moms? Then give KiddyCare Diaper Bag Backpack, a combination of grace and use a try.

This premium quality fabric-made super cute backpack is available in black, blue, and two shades of grey colors.

It has a large capacity of 10.6 х 8.3 х 16.5 inches dimension and contains 15 individual pockets to meet all the demands of a toddling baby’s mother. It is also light in weight, weighing only 1.65 pounds.

Amongst these pockets, three are insulated to maintain your baby’s food’s temperature and two sides pocket designed to give you an easy reach to wet wipes. It is waterproof not only on the outside but also in the inside.

Remember how rubbish zippers wasted the full functionality of your favorite bag in the past? Well, not anymore. KiddyCare Diaper Bag Backpack’s zippers are of high-quality zippers made of heavy-duty iron and installed with a secure lock slot.

The only experience you will have with this zip is smooth running, ensuring easy opening and closing the bag.

What makes it even more amazing is its lifetime warranty support. You can ask for a money-back or replacement of you face any problems with the product. Amazing right?



Skip- Hop Backpack Greenwich Multi-Function

The skip-Hop backpack is an impressive looking and useful backpack for new parents. Skip-Hop built this tiny but spacious backpack specifically for new moms to accommodate all the necessary equipment for managing their baby.

Skip-Hop Greenwich Multi-Function Backpack includes nine pockets featuring smart and spacious design. There is an easily accessible and safe pocket for laptops and tablets. The main compartment of the bag can be opened 360°, and there are adjustable straps.

The leather built of the bag is premium looking and feels super soft in hand. Luxurious looking leather of the bag is claimed to be vegan, which feels comfortable and non-greasy. There will be no harmful effects of the leather for the baby as it is chemical coat-free.

With straps in places and compartments designed thoughtfully, the backpack is easy to organize. Even comes with a cushion changing pad for amenity. There are five interior slip pockets for easily accessible and essential equipment.

The straps can be adjusted so that you can put the backpack in your shoulder. The backpack doesn’t slip from your shoulder and can be strapped in only one shoulder.

The skip-Hop backpack contains a machine washable cushion. It is easier for you to change your baby’s diaper anytime, anywhere. The size of the backpack is also compact, which can accommodate 9 liters.

All of these features with a fantastic bag sold only for 90$, which is pretty decent for a backpack of this category.



Parker Baby Diaper Backpack Insulated

With tons of space and a vast number of pockets, Parker Baby Diaper Backpack is well designed for moms. Parker’s baby diaper backpack is made of polyester materials, and it feels sturdy.

The diaper bag is well constructed and super practical and easy to use. This backpack is also gender-neutral.

This backpack can accommodate a water bottle, mobile phones, laptop, wallet, accessories, and baby stuff. Compartments are well enough spacious to be used for different things at the same time.

The most drawback of this Parker Backpack is its build quality and material choice. Polyester is not suitable for the health of the baby and mother. Sometimes many threads come out of the bag due to it’s poorly built. Zipper breaks and magnetic closer fell off the bag—absolute, mediocre build quality.

For cleaning, this bag takes the cake. It is so easy to clean this bag even without any cleansing product. Just wipe it down. Polyester is not a dust magnet, so it also doesn’t get dirty so often.

Parker’s baby diaper backpack, which is water-resistant and super spacious, will cost you less than others. But you have to buy the cover accessory additionally.



Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack

Are you looking for a backpack with amazing built quality? Then you can choose the Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack for you.

Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack is built with high-quality water-resistant polyester. Unlike other backpacks, this backpack is made with sturdy and premium material, which is perfect for both males and females.

The backpack is big enough to accommodate all of your daily needs as well as baby diapers. There are compartments for everything, and most of them are zipped cleverly. Mother can hands-free use the backpack to access any quick need. The diaper compartment is built this way.

Extra stroller on this bag is quite practical. For the motto of making this bag hands free, the durable stroller straps are in every corner of the backpack.

The stroller straps are comfortable to put in place and less time consuming so that the mother can mind the baby the whole time.

Bag Nation Diaper Backpack claimed to have an unwavering dedication to building the perfect backpack for moms. The backpack comes with a lifetime warranty and a decent price tag.



Hafmall Diaper BagBackPack

Hafmall diaper bag is made of premium quality polyester, which is both durable and lightweight. As a good quality build, this bag is so slick and slim; it fits perfectly in your shoulder. Using it doesn’t feel so heavy. You can use it while shopping, traveling, and walking with the baby.

There are two stroller straps for hands-free use and fifteen small and large compartments to organize things.

This Diaper bag has pockets for an umbrella, keys, baby essentials, water bottle, laptop, spoon, and fork, and anti-theft wallet pocket. The shoulder straps are soft cotton-padded, so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable.

Hafmall Diaper Backpack is easy to clean. The inner lining of the bags is made of some plastic material, thus easy to clean. Elements of the bag are also not a dust magnet. So it doesn’t become dirty quickly.

Hafmall Diaper bag comes with a warranty and price tag of only $50. This bag is quite cheap for its build quality and usefulness.



Why Should Buy A Baby Backpack?

Carrying is the most natural way to give your baby. It is one of all life, and in little industrialized cultures, it is the one that continues to be used quite naturally.

However, this in itself is not a definitive argument. If we only do things “because they have always been like this,” we would never buy a new product, nor would modern technologies have a place in our lives, don’t you think?

One of the most widespread forms of portage is the scarf, a pure fabric of considerable length in which you “wind” the child and secure it against your body through a series of knots.

And now is when you start watching YouTube videos, and you put your hands on your head how difficult it is to give the scarf the correct shape, right?

It is true, the scarf has its trick, but once you get it, it is the most natural thing. And if you still do not see it clearly, you have the great option of using an ergonomic baby carrier.

You can also alternate it with the scarf, for example, when you leave the house, and you do not feel like dragging the fabric on a dirty floor to adjust it.

In addition to being an organic and straightforward way of transporting your baby, there are many other reasons you become a carrier:

Baby loves it. You feel protected by being close to your body and relax listening to your heartbeat. When you can’t calm it down, and everything else fails, try loading it in your backpack – it’ll be fried in minutes.

  • It creates a safe environment for the baby and contributes to her emotional development.
  • Continuous rocking is not only relaxing but contributes to better baby development.
  • Avoid or minimize colic.
  • It gives you the autonomy that you are not going to get with a cart. The baby adapts to your body movements and leaves your hands free to do all the tasks you need.
  • It prevents muscular discomfort derived from taking the baby’s weight improperly.
  • Facilitates lactation.
  • Proper posture promotes the correct body development of the baby, avoiding injuries such as hip dysplasia.

Things to consider while buying a backpack for moms with toddlers

To select the best baby backpack, it is advisable to take into account specific purchase criteria. You should assess aspects such as the design, size, or extras of each of the items to identify the most appropriate. Here’s some of them:


Design, of course, is one of the primary purchase criteria. Depending on the age of the boy or girl, some models will fit better than others.

The good idea is to go for a children’s backpack of your favorite cartoon character. For example, Paw Patrol, Cars, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Minions, or Peppa Pig.

Superheroes are also very fashionable among children. Spiderman, Superman, Batman, or Captain America are some of them, although there are many more.

You can value those backpacks with the shield of your favorite soccer team. For the little ones, the animal or Disney designs are some of the most sought after.


Size is one of the most critical factors in identifying the ideal model. First, the child’s age and height must be taken into account.

In this case, acquiring a backpack that will serve you for several years is entirely unwise. Remember that for preschool children, this should not be more than 35 cm high.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that the backpack should not exceed the child’s waist. Sticking to the manufacturer’s instructions, you will not have to worry about this detail.

In particular, an optimal children’s backpack should be about 5 cm above the child’s waist. If this is not the case, it means that the model is too large.


The content distribution could not take place without a backpack equipped with the appropriate compartments.

Sometimes, it is not enough that you have a spacious interior, but that it allows you to accurately organize the different utensils of the boy or girl. Of course, note that the central section is comprehensive.

However, it is convenient that the backpack incorporates other pockets and recesses to identify all the content.

For example, a side compartment will be useful to locate a bottle of water or juice. Also, you should include a smaller one for the sandwich, the case, or colored pencils.

Fabrication material

The material with which the backpack is made is a factor to value. The useful life of this product will depend on its quality. Ideally, it should be a resistant material and, if possible, waterproof.

On a rainy day, you will appreciate having opted for such material. Thus, it will not spoil even if the child leans it right in a puddle.

Some of the most common materials for baby backpacks are polyester, but also polyamide. It is also desirable that the manufacturing materials be hypoallergenic. The backpacks will be in permanent contact with the child’s skin. Hence they mustn’t cause allergies or itching.

With wheels or without wheels

When the kids are at school age, an exciting option may be to go for a backpack with wheels. This will allow your back to suffer as little weight damage as possible.

There are models with a versatile character that incorporates a removable trolley, which is a great idea to adapt the backpack depending on the situation.

However, on uneven terrain or with many stairs, children’s backpacks with wheels are not recommended. The reason is that, with the wheels, the weight will be much higher than that of a conventional backpack.


What age can you put a baby in a backpack?

The ergonomic backpacks are very comfortable and practical to carry babies from approximately six months. Most of them include an accessory/plug-in adapter for carrying small babies.

Are baby backpacks safe?

A good baby backpack can protect against hip dysplasia since thanks to its ergonomic design. The baby can have excellent movement in his legs and hips. Therefore, we can say it’s safe as long as you are using a good baby backpack.


Remember, baby backpacks must be consistent with each of the stages of growth of the child. It is necessary to consider its size, the maximum weight to be supported, and other aspects such as its manufacturing materials.

So, while you look at the best backpacks for moms with toddlers, keep these factors in mind to choose the suitable one for you.

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