Are Boppy Pillows Safe for Infants

Are Boppy Pillows Safe For Infants To Sleep On?

When it’s about buying any product for your newborn baby, you make sure that the item doesn’t cause any harm to the little one. Unlike babies older than 3 months, newborns are more sensitive in pretty much all aspects. The same goes for when you introduce an infant to a nursing pillow.

Boppy nursing pillows are very popular among moms due to the comfortability and great support from both mother and the baby. Parents often ask the experts and patricians, are boppy pillows safe for infants to sleep on? Sleeping on a nursing pillow is when things get a bit complicated.

These pillows are made for supporting the baby during breastfeeding sessions. Can they be also appropriate or good to use to put the little one to sleep on? This article will give you a clear understanding of the matter.

Nursing Pillow vs. Sleeping Pillow

These two products often create confusion among parents. A nursing pillow supports the baby during breastfeeding; whereas, a sleeping pillow is used for sleeping on. In many cases, you can use a sleeping pillow or cushion as a nursing pillow, but a nursing pillow isn’t designed to sleep on it.

However, you can still use a nursing pillow when your baby tries to sit, during tummy time and propping sessions. So a boppy pillow can be a good company for your baby, whether it’s feeding, tummy time, sitting, playing, and discovering stages.

Can You Use a Sleeping Pillow for the Baby?

When it comes to sleep, pediatricians don’t recommend using any pillow for babies to sleep on for 2 years. Unlike adults, babies don’t feel uncomfortable sleeping without a pillow. In fact, they don’t even need a pillow.

There are some risk factors associated with babies and sleeping pillows. Asphyxia is a medical term that refers to the suffocating condition when a baby sleeps on a pillow.

While sleeping, the movement causes the pillow to block the breathing of the baby by blocking his/her mouth and nose. A number of infants die due to this issue each year.

Your baby is good to sleep lying flat on a firm mattress. Introducing a pillow will only increase the risk; it will not help to get more quality sleep for infants.

Are Boppy Pillows Safe for Infants to Sleep on?

As I have discussed earlier, sleeping pillows have a high risk associated with suffocating and breathing issues in babies.

Now, you might ask, can my baby sleep on a boppy pillow since the risk has to do with sleeping pillows?

The answer would be — “no”, you cannot use boppy or any other nursing pillow for the baby to sleep on it as well. A boppy pillow can also block your baby’s mouth and nose and cause breathing issues. If you are not supervising the infant, this can lead to an accident, death in the worst case.

Boppy pillow manufacturing company highly discourages parents to use the pillow to use for sleeping when it’s about infants. This can block the airway. Boppy pillows are designed to use when the baby is under the supervision of an adult. If you are not there, but he/she is awake, it’s still considerable.

Don’t even think about putting the baby to sleep on any kind of pillow, sheep ships, quilts, and other soft surfaces. Also, avoid using the boppy pillow in a bassinet, crib, play yard, playpen, and even bed.

Lay the little one flat on a crib mattress, and make sure it’s covered by a well-fitted sheet.

Boppy and Other Nursing Pillows Are for Feeding Only

Using a nursing pillow other than breastfeeding or bottle-feeding can even lead to death, and there are a lot of similar cases that can be related to it.

These pillows are designed to provide lactating mothers with a good posture to reduce strain issues on their arms, shoulders, and necks. During some motor skill development of your baby, a boppy pillow works as a great gear to help the baby during tummy time, sitting, and propping stages.

When the baby falls asleep while breastfeeding, consider moving to an approved crib or bassinet to ensure safe sleeping.

Otherwise, if you leave the baby on the pillow to sleep, after wiggling or sliding down, his/her tiny little neck can bend, and the mouth can be pressed into the soft surface of the pillow, which will result in suffocation.

A number of parents ask about a common question, what age can you use a boppy pillow for the baby? You can use any pure cotton made soft and a firm nursing pillow for a newborn or infant.

However, regular boppy nursing pillows made of cotton blend or other synthetic materials should be introduced when the baby is 3 months or older.

How to Safely Put Your Baby to Sleep?

You don’t need to purchase an overwhelming number of gears to make sure the baby is sleeping peacefully. It is much easier than you can think. Some safe to sleep practices are given below to guide you regarding the matter.

  • Make sure the baby is laying on a flat surface on his/her back
  • Choose a firm surface/mattress to put the little one to sleep
  • There shouldn’t be any soft or loose objects on the bed, including pillows, bumper pads, blankets, and even toys
  • Instead of loose blankets, consider using wearable blankets to keep the baby warm
  • No need to use wedges and positioners
  • Don’t cover his/her head
  • Give quality tummy time under the supervision of adults to strengthen muscles on the arms, shoulders, and necks

Using a Boppy for Muscle Development

Crawling and walking are some of the major milestones that your apple of eyes will achieve sooner or later — no need to rush to get to the stage. All you need is to provide the support needed for these motor skill achievements.

Once the baby is able to hold up the neck, you can use the boppy for tummy time. The pillow will support the tiny little chest of your baby and keep the head a little upwards from the ground.

During 5 to 8 months, the baby should be able to sit or try to sit. Use the pillow to provide balance for his/her sitting sessions.

Final Words

Now that you know all the factors regarding how to safely put your baby to sleep and the risky factors associated with nursing pillows while using other than feeding, you should be able to aware of other parents regarding it.

If other parents ask you, ‘are boppy pillows safe for infants to sleep on’, you know many things to explain to them.

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